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Our intrepid guests who braved the rain.
Our intrepid guests who braved the rain.

Mission to (dit)Mars has officially started!  We had our first mixer last night and it was a rousing success!  Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to join us on this special night for us.   We had representatives from the Queens City Council, The Chocolate Factory and Flux Theatre Ensemble, as well as many others.   Stay tuned for more exciting news.  Until then, enjoy some photos from our mixer last night:

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***Please note venue change ***

Our first mixer will be held at Alewife in Long Island City
Our first mixer will be held at Alewife in Long Island City

We are pleased to announce the location for our VERY FIRST Mission to ditMARS event! Please join us for cocktails, conversation and FUN on Wednesday, August 15th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm at Alewife in Long Island City!

YEAH! We’re super grateful to this venue for hosting us, and the location couldn’t be more convenient. If you think you can make it, please RSVP to (but if you decide to come at the last minute, don’t worry – there’s not a limit!). The party will be held in the upstairs lounge area. This is a very informal gathering – if you can come for the whole thing, great. If you want to stop by later, great. If you can only stay 15 minutes, that’s fine too! We just want to meet you!

Mission to ditMARS – Blast Off!
Wednesday, August 15th
6:30 – 9:30 PM
5-14 51st Avenue (7 train to Vernon Jackson stop)
Long Island City
Delicious craft beers on tap and full bar available! Some appetizers will be provided! Upstairs lounge area!
There will also be a Facebook invite – please go and “like” our page for all the latest updates!
As we mentioned, please bring your creative ideas and brain power to discuss the following ideas with us and your fellow artists:
  • Forming a “connective tissue” of Queens based artists; a living, breathing collective for idea sharing and inspiration
  • Space sharing and space donation for people to work (theaters, church basements, apartments, etc.)
  • Ideas for meetings and groups (do you want a writers group? A monthly meeting of dancers? An improv group?)
  • Ideas for other forms of art other than theater (including dance, music, and visual art)
  • Site-specific theatrical events
  • Ideas for fun “teambuilding” events (i.e. Art-based pub crawls, more mixers, etc.)
  • Anything you want!

Hope the summer is treating you well and we look so forward to seeing you soon!!


Mission to ditMARS
Kari Bentley-Quinn
Don Nguyen
Meredith Packer
Laura Pestronk

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It all started one cold February day in 2011.  Our first meeting was at Sweet Afton (an Astoria fave), where we chugged IPAs and stuffed our mouths with fried pickles, all while dreaming up a way to bring local Queens artists together.  We tossed around lots of ideas; some great, some crazy ambitious, and some just crazy.  We shared frustrations on how everything theatre-wise seemed to be happening in Manhattan and Brooklyn and we felt it was about time for the artists in Queens to stand up and unite.

Since that first meeting, we’ve had several more.   Every meeting involved lots of planning and lots of booze.

Now we’re finally here.  On August 15, 2012, we’ll be having our first mixer/kickoff celebration at the Alewife.  We’re thrilled to have finally arrived at this stage, and we’re equally thrilled to see (with your help) what we come up next.