Theodora Loukas (Astoria)

Neighborhood: Astoria

“In Vino” by Leonardo Foti / Maria – House Governess (Supporting) / IN SCENA Italian Theater Festival at The Brick
“In Chorus” by Dimitris Dimitriadis / 11th of Chorus (Lead) / NYU – KJCC Auditorium
“Blind Spot” by Yannis Mavritsakis / Nicki (Lead) / NYU – KJCC Auditorium
“Goats” by Liwaa Yazji / Imm Al-Tayyib (Lead) / Martin E. Segal Theatre
“Lordes” by Katherine Wilkinson / Lordes (Devised) / Schapiro Theatre – Columbia Stages
“The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov / Arkadina (Lead) / Schapiro Theatre – Columbia Stages
“The Anniversary” by Anton Chekhov / Fyodorovna Merchutkina (Lead) / Hellenic Cultural Center
“Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekhov / Natalia Stepanovna (Lead) / Hellenic Cultural Center
“I’m Dreaming, But Am I?” by L. Pirandello / Young Lady (Lead) / IN SCENA Italian Theater Festival at Cherry Lane Theater Studio
“Agamemnon” by Aeschylus / Clytemnestra (Lead) / La MaMa ETC – Main Stage
“Could you please look into the Camera” by Mohammad Al Attar / Noura (Lead) / Between the Seas Productions TheaterLab
“Redshift” by Yannis Mavritsakis / Minute-Taker (Lead) / Between the Seas Festival -The Wild Project
“Raus!” by Mich. Reppas & Th. Papathanasiou / Teta (Lead) / Stathakio Cultural Center
“In-Laws from Tirana” by Mich. Reppas & Th. Papathanasiou / Penny (Lead) / Greek Cultural Center
“Babies are Brought by the Stork” by Mich. Reppas & Th. Papathanasiou / Christina (Lead) / Greek Cultural Center
“Locusts” by Biljana Srbljanović / Zana (Lead)/ Martin E. Segal Theatre
“If the Glove Fits” by Al. Sakellarios & Ch. Yannakopoulos / Rena (Lead) / Hellenic Cultural Center
“This One and That One” by C. Mourselas / Helen (Lead) / Hellenic Cultural Center
“Three Penny Youth” by K. Pretenderis – A. Gialamas / Sophi & Rika (Supporting) / Hellenic Cultural Center
“Tejas Verdes” by Fermin Cabal / Gravedigger (Lead) / The Actors Company Theatre
“Psyche” by Maria Litvan / Saturn (Lead) / Context Studios
“Women With Wings” by Ed Valentine / Ivy (Lead) / The Frederick Loewe Theatre
“Women Behind The Bush” by Ed Valentine / Bookie (Lead) / Producer’s Club
“Arabian Night” by R. Schimmelpfennig / Fatima (Lead) / Martin E. Segal Theatre
“Come and Go” by Samuel Beckett / Stranger (Devised) / Walkerspace (Soho Rep. Theatre)

“The Mariner” by Fernando Pessoa / First Sister (Lead) / Theatre Odou Kykladon / Nea Skini
“Angela” by Giorgos Sevastikoglou / Madam & Music Ensemble (Supporting) / Embros Theatre Company

To Love or Not to Love / Pierrot (Principal) / Dir. Maria Litvan
Eli / Maria (Supporting) / Dir. Yianna Dellatolla
Women and Wallace / Psychiatrist (Principal) / Dir. Kate Nexon
Home / Wife (Principal) / Dir. Alex Lubliner
Exhibit 42 / Gallerist (Supporting) / Dir. Glenn Komsky (Tribeca 2005)
About That One Who … Never Left / The Woman (Principal) / Dir. Maria Litvan

Stranger (Audio Theatre) / Old Woman / Columbia University Butler Library
The Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek (ongoing) / Primary Voice / The Archdiocesan District Office of Education
Richmond Essential English Course / Primary Voice / Paul Ruben Productions
Mango Languages Software / Primary Voice / Paul Ruben Productions

Acting & Audition Technique / Tom Todoroff / Acting Studio
Advanced Script Analysis / Scott Zigler / Atlantic Acting School
Suzuki & Viewpoints / Donnie Mather / Atlantic Acting School
Acting Technique / A. Saffir, S. Hawley, K. Kohlhaas / Atlantic Acting School
Acting Conservatory / D. Katalifos, A. Moutousi / Embros Theatre Company Acting Conservatory
Jacques Lecoq Training / Richard Crawford / Movement Theatre Studio NYC
Intro to Balinese & Indonesian Theatre through Mask & the Martial Arts / Tapa Sudana (Peter Brook Co.) Various Workshops and Venues

Standard American Speech / Susan Cameron / Private Classes
Standard American Speech / Katie Honaker / Private Classes

SINGING – VOICE & SPEECH (continued)
Edith Skinner’s Method / Suzan Finch / Private Classes
Chuck Jones Technique (voice) / Katie Bull / ATC Acting School
Kristin Linklater Method (voice) / Kostis Sfirikidis / Embros Theatre Company Acting Conservatory
Singing Jonathan / Hart Makwaia / Group & Private Classes
Classical Singing / Tasis Christogiannopoulos / Private Classes
Song of the Goat Coordination Tech. / Grzegorz Bral / Workshop

Modern Dance / Mary Tsouti / Embros Theatre Company Acting Conservatory
Alexander Technique / Tom Vasiliades / Alexander Technique Center
The Feldenkrais Method / Eleni Kasimati / Embros Theatre Company Acting Conservatory


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