Featured Artist: Elizabeth Seldin

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Seldin

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Elizabeth Seldin

This is a series of posts featuring our artists who are making things happen in and around our great borough of Queens.  Please check back weekly for new posts.

Elizabeth Seldin
Elizabeth Seldin

Actor/ Writer/ Energy Healer/ Corporate Stage Manager

Where were you born?
Ithaca, New York

Which Queens neighborhood do you live in and for how long?

How did you get involved in theatre?
Wow um…. i dont know if I even started forming memories yet. Oh wait! Okay. There was this group that came to our school and they were called Beauty and the Beast and the guy was beauty and the woman played the beast and they used to tell stories and put on two person plays and I would look forward to it all year.  And finally when I reached the third or fourth grade they came and did a workshop and taught us to tell stories and put on little one and two person shows… Since then I couldn’t get enough. 

What do you love most about Queens?
That you can be right next to Manhattan, a simple fast train ride in and yet there are mansions and haunted houses and gorgeous parks and I feel like I am in small town USA sometimes. So its this incredible retreat full of unique secrets if you find them.  Also the fact that Astoria Kaufman and Silvercup studios reside right in Astoria makes me feel as if its mini Hollywood without the Hollywood.

Do you have an “only in Queens” moment you’d like to share?
Walking home, I live near astoria park, I heard this crazy music and turning the corner there was a FULL carnival … just chillin in the park. Needless to say I stopped what I was doing called some friends to join me and rode the crazy rides while eating cotton candy. BOOM. Only in queens.

Your top Queens picks (food, entertainment, sights, etc)?
BARE BURGER! Also Astoria Park and the New Solstice summer ceremony in Socrates Sculpture Park with Mama Donna.


Current/Upcoming projects?
Currently work on creating a new musical called ‘Shadows’ as well as a new play called “Shelter In Place” Upcoming workshops to be announced. 


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