Featured Artist: Greg Cicchino

Featured Artist: Greg Cicchino

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This is a series of posts featuring our artists who are making things happen in and around our great borough of Queens.  Please check back weekly for new posts.

Greg Cicchino
Greg Cicchino

Managing Director of Variations Theatre Group, Resident Artists of the Chain Theatre and a freelance director.

Which Queens neighborhood do you live in and for how long?
I’ve lived in Astoria (right across from the ORIGINAL Bareburger) for 5 years.

How did you get involved in theater?
My first play was in preschool. I played a bear. I was mad the zookeeper didn’t bring the popcorn to our cage. After that was 6th Grade. I played Dracula. I went to Syracuse University for acting, luckily for everyone I don’t do that anymore, but it is there I stumbled into directing.

What do you love most about Queens?
The variety. You can find anything within a few blocks. Whether its food, or different kinds of people, a busy street with cool stores and bars or a park – it’s all in walking distance.

Your top Queens picks (food, entertainment, sights, etc)?
Astoria Park or Socrates – especially in the summer when the farmers markets are in season.

Current/Upcoming projects?

I will next be directing What’s In A Name, a work that came through our Minor Variations Project at the Chain Theatre, written by Tim Nolan. I am also developing and directing Garbo Dreams, a one-woman show about the life of iconic film star turned recluse, Greta Garbo.


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