Featured Artist: Ava Eisenson

Featured Artist: Ava Eisenson

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Ava Eisenson
Ava Eisenson

The first in a series of posts featuring our artists who are making things happen in and around our great borough of Queens.  Please check back weekly for new posts.

Ava Eisenson
Ava Eisenson

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Which Queens neighborhood do you live in and for how long?
 Astoria–5 years

How did you get involved in theater?
 As a kid I was just sort of drawn to it.  I was a chicken in some community theatre show, and something about it just stuck.

What do you love most about Queens?
I can’t really speak about Queens as a whole, as I’ve only lived in Astoria.  But what I love around here is that I truly feel a part of a thoughtful, vibrant, and growing community.  I also like (that to many) the greatness of Astoria is a secret.  I understand that it can seem like there isn’t a lot going on, but once you live here…you begin to learn all the spots, and how good it feels to walk down these streets.  It’s so close to the city, and yet it has it’s own charm and ‘a place to get away’ feel to it without having to prove these qualities.

Your top Queens picks (food, entertainment, sights, etc)?
 My most favorite spot in Queens is Sweet Afton.  I am totally biased because I’ve worked there on and off since it opened.  But, I hope that this speaks highly of the people that own the bar and work at it, that after spending so many working hours there…it’s still the first place I recommend.  I appreciate their low-key style, while maintaining attention to every detail of the experience you’ll have when you are there.

And they have live music now on Monday nights which is always so much fun!

Current/Upcoming projects?
I am currently in ‘The Mnemonist of Duchess County’ playing at Theatre Row until March 2nd.  A new play by Josh Koenigsberg and directed by Laura Savia.

Please come and check it out! For discounted tickets: TRATIC15 at broadwayoffers.com

View Ava’s complete bio.


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