Mission to (dit)Mars Holiday Mixer December 17th!

Mission to (dit)Mars Holiday Mixer December 17th!

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Holiday-CocktailsJoin us for our second mixer – and this one is just in time for the holidays! We have some exciting announcements lined up and can’t wait to share them with you! We also just thought it would be cool to hang out, so let’s do that! This is an opportunity for you to come meet some of your fellow artists, have a few beers, and tell us all your plans for 2013.

Monday 12/17/12 at 6pm

Alewife NYC
5-14 51st Ave. – upstairs lounge
Long Island City, NY (7 Train to Vernon Jackson)
Happy Hour specials till 8 pm, snacks provided (can you say “Garlic fries”?)
There is also a Facebook invite – please go and “like” our page for all the latest updates! And please share our page so we get some more “likes”!

As with all our gatherings, keep these things in mind (we have a Suggestion Box at every event):

  • Forming a “connective tissue” of Queens based artists; a living, breathing collective for idea sharing and inspiration
  • Space sharing and space donation for people to work (theaters, church basements, apartments, etc.)
  • Ideas for meetings and groups (do you want a writers group? A monthly meeting of dancers? An improv group?)
  • Ideas for other forms of art other than theater (including dance, music, and visual art)
  • Site-specific theatrical events
  • Ideas for fun “teambuilding” events (i.e. Art-based pub crawls, more mixers, etc.)
  • Anything you want!

We hope the end of 2012 is treating you well. We can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you!


Mission to ditMARS
Kari Bentley-Quinn
Don Nguyen
Meredith Packer
Laura Pestronk



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